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(A) As an Ingredient to creams

Egg oil makes for an excellent ingredient in a skin cream formulation. It is an excellent emollient and has the properties of a moisturizer because of which it is used in a variety of cosmetic preparations such as creams, ointments and lotions. It also helps in maintaining the texture, lubricating and anti-friction properties of creams and lotions for skin. The lipid profile of OLEOVA matches that of the skin and hence OLEOVA improves the texture of the skin. This reflects in the form of increased softness and glow. Egg oil acts as a compatible dermatological agent. With fine spreading, it reduces the scaling effect of many cosmetic formulations, thus helping to avoid heat congestion. It can be easily incorporated in topical preparations since it forms stable oil in water emulsions. Scientific studies have proven the effect of egg oil in decreasing scaliness and roughness of the skin while improving softness.

(B) As a sunscreen ingredient

OLEOVA is a penetration enhancer which makes it an important ingredient in sun-screen products. Since it has cholesterol it gets easily absorbed in the skin and hence can facilitate penetration of actives in the sunscreen.

(C) As an anti ageing active ingredient

Ageing is caused by reactive oxygen species or the ROS which trigger a chain of chemical reactions and destroy the cells by affecting the DNA. Egg Oil influences the production and sequestering of free radicals. In a scientific study done on human skin cells, it was found that after 24 h Egg Oil-treated cells produced less ROS. Egg oil increases the production of catalase which acts as a scavenger of free radicals or ROS. Also, Egg oil stimulates breathing of cells. Cells incubated with egg oil overnight showed an increase in oxygen consumption. More oxygen means more energy for the cell. Studies have shown that Egg oil stimulates re-epithelization. In an experiment, skin cells were grown to confluence and a rim was left free of cells. On incubating with Egg oil for two days, this previously cell-free area was covered by growing cells. Hence, a speeding up of cell growth was observed. Thus, OLEOVA is a potent anti ageing active.

(D) As an anti acne active ingredient

OLEOVA has a natural anti microbial property. Biochem performed a study to prove antibacterial efficacy of the egg-oil on the worldwide resistant bacterial strains of E.coli and S.aureus. It was found that egg oil inhibited the growth of both these bacteria. Also the growth of fungi Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger also remained constant over a period of 28 days when incubated with egg oil. Since acne is caused due to bacterial infection, egg oil is very effective in treatment of acne. Hence, OLEOVA makes for an effective anti ageing active ingredient.

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