Hair care



(A) Nutrient for Hair

OLEOVA is an excellent natural hair nutrient for dry scalp which nourishes hair and promotes growth of healthy hair giving natural softness. It is ideal for use in hair care since as it acts as a humectant drawing moisture in as it conditions.

(B) Anti Hair fall

OLEOVA is very effective in case of pre mature hair loss as it averts falling of hair. Cholesterol in OLEOVA helps the oil to be absorbed into the scalp. The essential fatty acids in OLEOVA provide the correct nourishment to the hair follicles, leading to stronger hair with regular use.

(C) Natural softness and shine

Egg on hair is tried and tested solution to most hair problems. OLEOVA helps make hair naturally soft and also shinier.

(D) Remedy for grey hair

Hair follow anaphase (growing) ? telophase (resting) cycle. Grey hair belong to the telophase/resting phase. OLEOVA helps push the hair in the anaphase thereby restoring black hair.

(E) Treatment for damaged hair

OLEOVA is a completely natural product which conditions hair damaged by heat and chemicals. The antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin increase the oxygen supply in the scalp and help mend rough and easily breakable hair.

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