Goodness of EGGS in an "OIL" new avatar!!


Skin Care

Egg oil makes for an excellent ingredient in a skin cream formulation. It is an excellent emollient and has the properties of a moisturizer because of which it is used in a
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Hair Care

OLEOVA is an excellent natural hair nutrient for dry scalp which nourishes hair and promotes growth of healthy hair giving natural softness. It is ideal for use in hair
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Burns and Wounds

Egg oil has been used in treating wounds and injuries since centuries. Ambroise Paré used a solution of egg yolk, oil of roses, and turpentine for war wounds, an old method
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Goodness of EGGS in an "OIL" new avatar!!
OLEOVA [8001-17-0] is natural premium egg oil extracted from chicken eggs using modern technology. OLEOVA contains mixture of cholesterol, phospholipids, fatty acids including Omega 3 or DHA (Docosahexanoic Acid) and Omega 6 (Arachidonic acid) fatty acids used in skin care applications.

Production Process

VAV Life Sciences has developed and patented a cold process technology for the extraction of oil from chicken eggs which preserves the therapeutic property of the oil. OLEOVA has a distinct advantage of being safe to use since it is a natural product and can also be easily used by people allergic to eggs since it is free of egg proteins.

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